To exhibit at the trade Show

Bravo Compliance offers the Trade Shows Package to firms that want to exhibit their products at trade shows, or directly send them to their clients in America. The Trade Shows Package enables the exporter to save on single services while receiving full technical and legal guidance to comply with the FSMA regulations as required by the FDA.

Trade Shows Package

From $150/per trade show

Trade Shows Package is the perfect solution for firms that want to exhibit samples of their products at trade show in the US.

The package includes*

  • Agente FSVP ?For all about the import into the US of samples of your products to be exposed at trade fairs or directly sent to your clients in America, we act in the capacity of FSVP agent on behalf of your firm.
  • Editing Documents and Certification ?We can review the documentation concerning your firm’s food safety practices to ensure that your products can be imported into the US.

*Our offer will be confirmed once viewed the producer’s documentation relevant to the food safety rules compliance.

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Bravo Compliance can follow you in all the steps necessary to exhibit your products at the show in the US


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